Hide screen status aia don't hide content

Hello to everyone

Today I want to share a topic I am curious about
I have a list of things like hiding blocks and hiding the screen in kodular.

I want to know how this thing is done.

It does not go from screen 1 to screen 2, it says bug, but it works fine in the apk output, somehow the aia content is hidden this how to do ???

thank you


Your project is broken!

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I´ve faced a another creepy behaviour.
After switching screens a notifier alert came up, which was set up to show when a switch was clicked to “checked”.

I tested every logical way - the notifier should only come up when “switch clicked”. No other block was able to do this notifer alert (with this text in it) when screen was opened or closed.

@FIKIR_KUMESI can you please share a block where your screens are switching?

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