[HINDI] Exclusive Interview With Pavitra Golchha (Co-Founder Kodular)

AAP KE SAWAL - Anil Kumar Agarwal Exclusive Interview With Pavitra Golchha (Co-Founder Kodular, Researcher - Samsung R&D Institute India Software Engineer - InFoCusp, Apprenticeship - Google Cloud Sprint Bootcamp)

This Interview is about Kodular company, it’s future, upcoming updates and issues most of the users face while working in Kodular. This Interview is not scripted.


This video i see few day ago! I’m Confused Who are the real CO-Founder of Kodular :thinking:

The CEO & Co-Founder of Kodular is Diego Barreiro @Diego

But this Man talking he is a co-founder of the Kodular? That’s true? Or Lies?

Do you understand what a co-founder is?

The clue is in the word “Co-founder”.

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There can be many co-founders. He is not lying at all he is also an co-founder. There is a team of co-founder students who started this company #Kodular.

Must watch this interview for more information. I love it

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I am one of the co-founders :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @Yash_Agarwal


Your most welcome for this fabulous and informative interview @pavi2410

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The co-founder is MIT institute of technology :innocent:

You can’t address them as co - founders, they are the inspiration.