Hire to create & setup MySQL db with api endpoints in a vps server

Hey, I need an developer who can create & setup MySQL database in a vps server and make api endpoints for my app, The budget of this project will be 50 USD ( Only Developer cost, Server cost is not included ), PM me for more details.

Welcome !

Will the project start from 0 zero ?
Data base
Kodular ( logic And UI )

It’s only the backend work, I know how to use api’s with json, So no need for any kodular setup & yes it will start from 0.

I can do everything for you using mysql.
For creating api, i using most popular framework laravel.
If you are interested, then pm me for more info.

maddevs, I am unable to pm you, Can u pm me pls.

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Send me pm

I send you message.
Please check.