Horizontal Alignment Problem - Bug (repeatable)

I added an image to the Horizontal Arrangment, and all of a sudden, it collapsed to a single line. I cannot add anything to it or remove that image from it. I can move it around, and it works in testing. Seems like a bug or something.

I tried to set it to fit parent. but that only works horizontally not vertically.

Ok I figured it out.

I had the image set to 35%, and that caused the problem. So this is a repeatable bug.

Set an image percentage (I had it at 35%), both height and width. Drag it into a horizontal arrangement as the first object. It will collapse to a line that nothing can be added to or taken away.

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Make sure your horizontal arrangement’s height is not set to automatic or something lesser than the height of image that your are dragging in it

Nope that is not the issue. Set it to all sorts of different things. it is a bug related to when you set an image to a percentage.

I only get this when the horizontal arrangement is set to automatic and the image to percentage.