Horizontal Allignment buttons question

I managed to accidentaly delete the previous topic when missing the edit button. tried to fully remove it after but says it will stay for 24h.

I have a Horizontal Allignment with 3 image buttons that looks like this in the creator https://i.imgur.com/miCyRiH.png but looks like this when testing on phone https://i.imgur.com/asunZgu.jpg
i have tried setting width and height to both automatic and fill parent with the same result https://i.imgur.com/JXypWd1.png any tips for what i might be doing wrong here?

First, instead of posting images on any other website and then posting their links here, you can directly attach the images here by clicking on the paper clip(u-pin) button.

Second, instead of checking anything in the creator(designer) , check it in real device during live testing or after downloading the apk.
Use percentage values for parameters like height and width to make sure that they look approximately similar in most of the device out there


Thank you :slight_smile:

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It is Easy To Upload Images Directly On The Forum.

I also post links of images in my topics/posts so I can disable or delete them later on.

which means, it will make your post useless…
a community is here to help each other… and answers are not only for you, but for everyone…
your question and its answers can help others with the same problem in future

but if you make your post useless, so you also make the answers useless and prevent others from getting help… and even more, you waste other peoples time, who are trying to help not only you, but everyone with answers to your problem

think about it again… and always upload your screenshot directly into your thread… to get help and help others… thank you…

how to upload a screenshot


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i will from now on thanks for the advice :slight_smile: no need for 3 posts saying the same thing

great, thank you

my post was more an answer for @John_the_Lego


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i realise! my comment was pointed to the previous posts :slight_smile:

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