Horizontal arrangement in dynamic card view

Your card view id isn’t MakeroidCardView , it’s the number variable.As you’ve set in yoru blocks.

I ididnt understand and i have to make everything like dynamic button space text image from extension if i use cardview created from extension

You shouldn’t send the id parameter in getComponent method to the card name, you should set it to the card id, for example your card id is the number variable :wink:


i am getting this error Duplicate ID: ID needs to be unique for all components
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds. herer are blocks plz point out the mistake so i can solve this error error1


The id must be unique for every component you create, means you can’t have two components their id are 6.I suggest you to make your ids something like that:
card_1,card_2 ,etc…You can use the join block , to join between the word card and the number variable.Same goes for other components.

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iam sending you the aia in pm bundle of thanks to you plz make required changes in blocks as iam not so good with blocks thanks again