Horizontal arrangement in dynamic card view

i am creating text status app i want to add copy share download etc button in dynamic card view using horizontal arrangement so i can put dynamic button in that horizontal arrangement within dynamic card view i have hear about extension by Yusufchin can someone show me blocks or aia file which can solve my problem thanks WhatsApp Image 2020-10-07 at 8.04.10 PM|225x500

What have you tried till now?
Read this post so that you can know maximum about the use of this extension.

it will be helpful to me if you tell me which block should i use to create horizontal arrangement in dynamic cardview

Use create dynamic layout and name the component as HorizontalArrangement for that.

blocks (1)
am i write if no then kindly tell me where to put this block or if i am wrong then plz ponit out mty mistake

Yeah. You are right.

I don’t think that this blocks’d work, because :
1- Dynamic components extension doesn’t word with kodular dynamic components as far as i know.
2- Even if it works, it won’t take the in parameter for kodular dynamic components , as the green Component block.You should use getCardView block ( but i don’t think it would work because of an old discussion i saw ), Also see here:

So you should use Dynamic components extension, to create your CardViews dynamically, too.The CardView name is MakeroidCardView..And when creating your arrangement, set the in parameter to getComponent block ( Dynamic Components Extension ), so you got the right component , to create the card view in, Set the id parameter to your card view id.

means first i have to remove the existing kodular dynamic card view and should use extension card view then i can easily add horizontal arrangement in dynamic cardview

Yes :wink:

if u dont mind can u show me sample block how to add dynamic cardview from extension

Here’s an exmple:
Notice that you need a unique id for every component, you can change the ids i put to your different unique id.If you make them in a for each number loop, so you can join a string like ( c_) and the current number.

in first one you have created a card view and in 2nd one you have created a horizontal arrangement that cardview am i right

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Yes , it creates a card view using the first block, and then creates a horizontal Arrangement, as a child inside the cardView.

before creating card it was like this but like this

but after creating card using extension it looks like this

how can i make it similar to previous one mean how can i add compnent to this card view

You need to use any component blocks to set the card view and arrangement properties, see an example here:

Create a component inside your card view, as the above example:


i understood now how can i add label1 to that dynamic cardview i have to create label again from that extension or i can use kodular dynamic label to add in that card view created by that extension and thanks for your help really thankful to your immediate response

You would need to create the label by dynamic components extension , the name is Label

i want to create dynamic label in that dynamic cardview it this wright block blocks (2)

Change VerticalArrangement block, to getComponent block, as in the example above:

The id would be your card view id.

it is giving this error plz check my blocks i think something is wrong with then or i have missed something The operation Create cannot accept the arguments: , [nothing], [Label], [1]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.