Horizontal Arrangement Scroll from blocks

Hello :kodular:oders,
I am back, with another problem for you :sweat_smile:
Is there any way to scroll the horizontal scroll arrangement from blocks…
I placed all the dates of a month in a horizontal scroll arrangement and I want that It should automatically highlight (focus on) the current date on screen initiation.

If you want to see all blocks in Your designer you can uncheck visibility in the first ones and click your way through or pick a wider Device.

What are you even saying man, I am asking if somehow I can highlight the current dated card view from a horizontal scroll arrangement on screen initiation in which I placed 31 different card views for different dates.

Try To Use Something Like This

Store Current Dates in a variable

then on Screen Initialize

Use If Then Blocks If Currnet date = " From The Card view date"
then for highlighting it you can do the stroke width of a cardview to some attractive colors so that it could look different and Highlighting.

I Hope You Understand What I Mean

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Use this extension…

And use clock component to get current date in a variable and highlight such number during screen initialise, simple

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Thanks, @Still-learning, This is exactly what I wanted,…
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I know that, but I wanted this :

btw Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

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