Horizontal card viewer

I would like them to add a horizontal card viewer. To improve some options of my application.

Could you explain more what do you mean?

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Cardview components what you put into a horizontal scroll arrangement are making a similar thing.


Marked as solution because Robert just solved it.

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You can’t solve something that you don’t understand :sweat_smile: – maybe we will get in the face that we just faked the solution :joy:

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Is that in the current card viewer the components are only located vertically and I need their location to be horizontal.

Put horizontal arrangements into them.

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Well as this post has a solution this may be in discuss category not in iwant
And Robert what’s coming??

If that’s okay, I’ve already tried, but I do not like the result. since when placing an image, a text and adjusting the height to 5% it does not look good. And a horizontal card viewer would be better, reducing the necessary components.

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