Horizontal Layout bg image and label not visible

I am using Dynamic Components Extension by yusufcihan and I want to make layout like this -
But I dunno why the Horizontal Layout bg image and label aren’t visible, instead it just shows a blank cardview. Can anybody tell where is the error ? Attaching the blocks screenshot

Output -

Set thumbnail to a url

Change from get Thumbnail to select list item list Thumbnail index global id

As for label you set all other parameters beside text

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Getting this error -

I think I found it . Change blocks as they were before

and then move set global id to to for each number and set it to get number + 1

Not Working

Your blocks are totally wrong
@Tekwizer I think you should learn to use dynamic components extension before implementing it to your app.

I found too much problem in your blocks

Here if you want to let components created in the card view(dynamic) then you need to give the dynamic card view to in parameter of extension or parent component. But here you are giving them other component it will be result worng.

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You have to give the GetComponent block to in parameter of marked blocks

This will create the marked component in card views

Ok Thanks!

Now this error is coming -
This ID is already used for another component, please pick another. ID needs to be unique for all components!
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Blocks -

I have used Dynamic Components Extension a couple of times before but this time I guess I was in a hurry :sweat_smile:

It will definitely come because you are using loop in procedure that isn’t necessary.

Remove the loop from there and try to set the id this way set global id = get global id +1

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I also deleted a whole screen and there was no way to recover it so i built it again

Working thanks

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