Horizontal lines at the beginning of the execution

Dear Kodulers, I wanted to ask you a question, I hope someone can advise me. My app starts by making a dark horizontal bar descending from the top of the screen down lasting only a few moments but somehow manages to ruin the start. Can someone give me an idea what would be the origin of this? I am grateful in advance and send you an affectionate greeting.

What you exactly want to do? And also put relevant blocks

Along with blacks please also attach an example what are you trying to achieve :blush:

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Tanks for response Soham_Shah. Can you see in mp4 here a bar descending at starts my app?

Thank you for reply. Please see my response :point_up_2:

Yes this can be achieved using animation component


I think the problem is, @Oscar_Nicoletti doesn’t want that bar to appear and is looking for the way to remove that bar. Am I right @Oscar_Nicoletti? If yes then can you show us relevant blocks? Like the blocks related to initialization of this screen

Ooo, i wonder how i skip those lines​:joy: i read it wrongly

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