Horizontal Scroll arrangement not showing below 9.1 android version!

Maybe i have to set the height or width in pixels

Please just visit the topic. I mentioned above

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I’ll check it…

It’s your Card View - Corner Radius try with 10-15px

As my phone won’t boot up with lower android version I can’t test it, but I know that on some phones if you choose to hight value for Corner Radius you will see nothing

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On my phone :

I’ll check it. Thanks for help Boban​:heart:

Correction 25px, but even then it is slightly too high as it should be the half the height of the Card View to get those round corners

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It was 8Px

You are looking at the wrong one

those are at 100

Opps! :sweat_smile: let me check it out.

Thanks alot for your help.:heart:

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Just make sure it is the right height

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I set it to 25px now.

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