Horizontal Scroll arrangement not showing below 9.1 android version!

I added Horizontal scroll arrangement in my app but below android version 9.1 it’s not visible.

Android version 9.1​:point_down:t2:

Android version 7.1

Other Android versions​:point_down:t2:

Please help me to fix this problem.


Sorry I’m not an expert on this but the demo (in web) doesn’t show HSA in android 7.1 look !!!
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See if you have selected minimum android version to 10.0
Please tell me if it worked :grinning:

And to change minimum android version go to Screen1 > Properties > Advanced Properties > Minimum Android Version

I checked on real device too!

Hey that’s not the problem of Android Version
Change the height a little, then it will be okay.

Have a look at this topic

Let me check it.

Did @Adhil_Salim’s Reply help ?

I’m sorry i can’t help you more… i don’t have a device with android 7.1

Yes me too I have version 9

SocialBrowser (8).apk (7.9 MB)

Checkout the app.

Read the post please, @Yasir_Shakoor need test on devices with android 7.1, no problem in android 9

I checked the screenshot pixels and it’s noticable that it’s a little phone than the previous one

As I said above:

I don’t have Android 8 or Android 7 version phones so it’s hard for me to set the height and width

I mean change the height of horizontal arrangement

You mean horizontal scroll arrangement?

Yes and read my posts

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Just post an aia file that replicates this behavior, from apk it is hard to know what is going on…

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App is on Play store. I’ll DM you with the aia

Once I faced the same problem. And I have performed a test on several devices of different resolution and it’s noticable that on each devices the UI wasn’t the same.

There’s already some topics:(one of them created by me)

And it’s sure that it is not the problem of Android version

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