Hosting Service for zip Files

For my apps , i had to download files from firebase

“An unknown error occurred. Please refresh the page and try again.”

but now i see its somtimes not working , (firebase is down) , so where is good to upload files ?

Maybe in a hosting…

I need somting fast, this firebase not working , ****

What does it mean ?

nothing , im youst mad , this firebase not working

My app wont work if they dont download the files , but now they cant ,… because firebase not working

Looking for solution , need some site where i can upload files and download , like firebase ,…

There is a component called Cloudenary in Kodular.

I youst need good site to upload files
Makeroid works fine

I use download component im kodular to download , …

What language is it.English please. I cant understand you.

It’s called Kodular. Since a long time. And watch your language.


U can use hosting and FTP to upload and download fast depending on your hosting provider

Use Airtable