Hosting your own TinyWebDB

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #43

Yeah, but I’m not interested on it at all :sweat_smile:
I mean, it won’t be too much beneficial for us adding the affiliate link here


(Pablo A. Rod.) #44

Yes, the affiliate program is not big deal, but the reseller host offer 25% comission. I guess it would be a good money if at least 0,1% of the users used. But ok, it is just a thought that I wanted to share:sweat_smile:


(TechGeekNerd) #45

hello i founded a bug in it. if developer of this service is reading this then please reply to me because i loosed a very important data by that bug.
it will be great if you solve that and that will not create any problem to new user of that service.

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(Kanishka Chakraborty) #46

Maybe you could elaborate a bit…?


(furrichip marbella) #47

Hi, Hi.

I’m configuring my own tinywebdb server but i get an error and i spent last 2 days trying to solve it.

I use the Kodular project

I configure the files (666 in database.txt, RewriteEngine, etc…) in my own subdomain but i always get the error:

“communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception.”

To check it the server i have an example that you can use:
(due to the limit on number of link i will send in other post)

As last resouce in storeavalue.php i add a log file with the info of any call to the scritp… NONE from my app… it seems that tinywebdb control doesn’t call the server and i have checked this more than 100 times…

Thaks to all. i hope to fix it.

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(furrichip marbella) #48

Store values ===>
Get values ===>

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(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #49

You cannot change the store and get paths
You have to use default ones, as that cannot be configured on Kodular

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(furrichip marbella) #50

Those links are only to checkit info sent by a html form by “post”… if you right click -> view source code you could see that fs open storeavalue.php and fg open getvalue.php.

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(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #51

Humm, it’s weird
Can you check if this URL works properly?

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(Kanishka Chakraborty) #52

Maybe that’s the problem…
(just a joke)


(furrichip marbella) #53

Yes… it works.

I think i need a index.php in my subdomain to get the parameters and process the info for both read or store.

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(Thomas Ho) #54

Hey there, my tinywebdb didnt work, i tried testing it with /getvalue and /storeavalue but they both returned “not allowed” , the permission is “666” , not sure what i did wrong here, here is my subdomain:


(Thomas Ho) #55

and i checked the url by plugging /getvalue and /storeavalue behind it (i am a total noob to this so maybe is not the right way?) but it still returned “not allowed”. Am i doing it wrong or just it doesn’t work now?


(Guilherme Lima) #56

The text in the .txt file are coded as json?