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community friends,

could someone help me to develop a formula
point to point on mobile

So, I go to a point on the cell phone, like a checklist, I go to another point, mark the time again
when saving, it shows the hours according to the time it was marked, I think my English is kind of bad to explain.

So you want to show how many hours ago an action was done by the user?
If there are only a handful of actions and no dynamic elements involved, you can just use separate variables for each time you want to track. If there are many times you want to track, you would need to use a list and save both the action and time in a sublist:

almost that

each time you press the button, the time you pressed is marked.

the person has to pass 10 points
at each point he presses the button and marks the time he passed there

can you understand me?


In that case, you can just save the time like I showed above, but add it to a list instead

can you show me how please

for there friend


Apart from this, I can’t really provide anymore info as I’m not sure on the details

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let’s test for ka



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