Hours difference error

Hi. Can someone help me how I can get the difference between two hours … try with these blocks but there is an error message. is there another way or what is wrong with the blocks …? Thank you very much for your time in reply …

use the extension
date tools and time tools 1

Change your time format from HH:mm:a to HH:mm:ss (find difference block )
I think that should solve it.


I tried, but still with the error message

“” Text '16: 00: 00 'could not be parsed at index 8 “”

And what about trying the clock component duration block.It’s always working:
component_method (46)
You can also use this block to get days from the duration:
component_method (47)

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I tried, but still with error

The operation Duration cannot accept the arguments: , [17:00:00], [10:00:00]

Duration block only accept instant type.You can make an instant from a normal date by using this block:
component_method (48)
component_method (49)

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I tried it but still the error.
is there any other way to subtract the hours?

Text ‘Error’ could not be parsed at index 0

That means that one of your blocks retruned an Error can you show them?

so configure them

use the duration block to find difference and not finddifference block

And use this block to get the instant

And your format will be something like that hh:mm:ss or hh:mm

Btw, any ideas on this …

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