How are the plans applied in FireBase?

Guys I have a question, in the Firebase documentation page it tells me that there are certain limits that are the ones I show below:

But my question is if these limits apply in every project I have or in my general Firebase account.

It will applicable to which firebase URL u r using in your app…

I mean, what applies to each project and not to my account in general?

What I want to know is if those GB of storage is applied in each project and if not in all my projects in general …

Yes… though you have three project, each project usage you can track it

Each project will have the free limit as said by the firebase. They won’t add all the usage. It will be calculated separately… that’s why firebase will restrict you to create maximum of 5 projects per user

Ah Ok. Thank you very much. So if I have 2 projects in each one, will I have a free period of 1gb? I sineto it for repeating hehe

Yes of course

*10 projects.

It will vary 5-10 . Since I am new user I had the limit of 5 projects only. So I said the minimum…

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