How Artificial Intelligence Works?

Artificial Intelligence uses neural network
AI gets better by time
AI uses past data to get better

I know all these… But I don’t how it technically works…

Can any one explain…How it actually works…
As I am a Koder not Coder…

Can a simple Artificial Intelligence program or algorithm or procedure (I don’t know what) be implemented in Kodular? (Simple)

…Don’t recommend Artificial Intelligence APIs which do all the work on their servers

I want to learn how the Logical/Technical part works in Artificial Intelligence…



This is not as easy as you think. I think you should read a lot on the subject.

This is some info and study material from App Inventor:


Simple program with some logical blocks?

yes there are some extension like Microsoft emotion/object recorgnizer, maybe it is not AI but Machine learning but should be possible with extention, but not on the device iteself, it may need to connect to a cloud…

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Can we do it by storing Neural network patterns in variable?

I want a simple explanation on how it works?
Like if this then that…
As we do it on Kodular…

Pete’s link defines it best

you can create a mock system and call it AI using bunch of nested if else statements, AI is much more than if else

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Please elaborate
What is mock system

I gave you a lot of links. I guess you want to educate yourself.

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the mock system i was talking about is this is a meme

AI is a vast subject do refer to links provided up


As I understand it, instead of having to feed AI individual instructions it can instead learn from what is essentially an average of many examples. As of right now I don’t think Kodular has the necessary tools to easily create artificial intelligence.

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I’ve already built artificial intelligence in kodular, I’ve been working for a long time on a new way in which its vocabulary will work (and the new dictionaries feature helps me a lot) Here’s a link to the app:
, You can also add questions and improve its vocabulary). In any case, you can create a very simple (and very good) system of artificial intelligence, (it won’t teach or gain insights but it can understand pretty well what you’re asking and give you a proper answer) Here are:

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Artificial intelligence learns
Where is learning in this? @Point

Like I said, she doesn’t study, but she can identify the questions you ask her well
I’m sorry if I didn’t understand your question correctly

I know to do this…
Just search for Artificial Intelligence…