How button action

I want to create a meaningful sentence by moving it to the section below with the words given in mixed form. but the word carried from above will remain in the region below. I don’t know the block steps to do this. With a little help you can make me very happy. thank you.

Did you do the Algorithm?

no, I did not

He is asking for the Algorythm, I think

This is a First step…

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I did not make an algorithm. I do not know how to move the buttons on the screen with finger gestures. Acemiyim. First I wanted to know how I can move it.

You might want to use the Canvas for flung actions.


Drag and Drop in search bar , here in fórum. :+1:
Maybe help you.

Already did a search, something might be helpful: Search results for 'drag drop' - Kodular Community