How can correct this message not to appear?

The text of TextBox1 is empty.

Apart from checking (ticking) the NumbersOnly property of TextBox1 in the Designer, in your code, before you handle math operations with the TextBox, you should ensure that the text of TextBox1 is a number. Empty texts are not numbers. Change the text to 0 if it is not a number, then do the calculations.

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Gordon_Lu : it’s already 0 & Number.


Add all textbox text 0

That’s what I said…

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Not Succeed

Not Succeed!

load data through a timer. Your data is not loading.

It’s just an arithmetic that starts after selecting an Element from spinner’s Elements … it doesn’t need time.

Add if condition not = textbox text empty

Where do I put this block before or after the equation?

Add this block before

And see your block you use selection :roll_eyes:

** :clap:** sucecessss thank you ** :clap:**

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