How can I add a notification on specific value of label?

Hello Everybody,
I am making a counter where users click on the button and the label upper than button gets +1 (increment).
I have figured out almost everything, but I can find a way to send notifications to users when the total number in the label reaches 100.

Simple is that when label value “100”, the user should get a notification!

Welcome to the community. What have you tried so far ? Post a screenshot of your blocks

Thank you so much



please do tell me




Exactly as @Still-learning showed you, use label1.text block instead of label1.text color

I know its wrong but i don’t know what to put in push notification

what should i put on push notification block

You need to create an account in One Signal , then you put whatever you want in message and title and API key from Onesignal

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Also note that at the moment there is a known bug with Kodular’s latest release targeting SDK 30 so you won’t be able to test it because at the moment it is not working properly


i just want to send a notification when the number is reached at 10

please tell me i cant understand

if i cant send a notification can you tell me how to send a vibration

You need to create an account at One Signal , following the above quide

Else with vibrate


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let me check



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