How can i add text over value on list picker

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if it is possible to add text on list picker with value that can be calculated on.
Example: value is 10, and it shows text instead of the value.

Text x Text = (10 x 10) = 100 in result.

I have tried joining them on the (make a list) block, and failed :sweat_smile:

Something like this with the spinner:

Help appreciated!

Please explain more and also show your blocks

Hi @rizasx welcome to Kodular Community

You have to explain more in order to get any help.

You can multiply using multiply block from math category.
And remember:
β€œ10” = 10

Something like this.

I have a list picker in my app, and i am using it to calculate between the list picker and a textbox, i don’t want the value to be shown but rather text over value.


But if i add text with make a list i cannot calculate it beacuse of the text.


Did you understand what i meant?

Did you understand my question?