How can i arrange my components something like this

When i was creating an app, i wanted to add that label as in the picture beside that vertical arrangement. But , it automatically aligns towards the left side and i really can’t arrange my component something as i want. Can anyone please help me with , how can i achieve this?
I want that picture to be sitted something as in the next picture,

Seems like you are a beginner, but don’t worry that’s not a problem. There are lots of tutorials out there that can help you learn and understand this platform better. All you have to do is just simply search Google.
But to make your life easier, I’m listing below links to some websites and youtube channels that will definitely give you a start.

Or you can also explore the #guides category, there are lots of other exciting tutorials created by our awesome community members.


I don’t clearly understood what you are trying to say…

click here

You can elaborate your question to me in Nepalese language on pm and I’ll provide proper solution for you and also post it here :hugs:

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