How can I block button for 24 hours with Firebase?

Hello sorry for the inconvenience, I’m trying instead of storing time in a Tinydb, is stored in my Firebase, the question is that here the logic does not fit.

I have these pictures already done, I do not know if it’s okay, I’m missing the last one how can I do it?

I am already using a scheme made with TinyDB as a guide, which is this, what is marked in red is what blocks me, I do not know how to do it with Firebase.

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You don‘t used the „get millis“ on each „clock1.Now“ block.

Maybe the issue was there

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Thanks for the answer, but that’s not the problem, what I need is to convert the logic of the TinyDB into Firebase logic, I put a red box on the problem in the images.

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GetValue from Firebase and store in a global variable. Then, use it in place of the TinyDB.GetValue block.

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I think this video can help you out

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I am trying to add duration to my stored date & time but I am getting error.

try using variable instead of the label text

Use @Deep_Host online time checker extension and store the current time in Firebase and when screen is initialized, compare the old time with the current time and check if the difference between them is greater than 24 hours.