How to set any value or call anything randomly in daily basis using firebase or tiny db

Suppose I’ve created 5 button named A BCDE********. Now my one of user “M” clicked button B today, then next day how can i set the click button randomly to another button. As example: among A,B,C,D,E button today the user has to be clicked Button D and i use any special character like @ that he can understand he has to click that button. And when he click that button this @ character moved automatically to another button to indicate him to click this another button. How to do that randomly.Like that image. Sorry for my english PNG image

Use a tinydb component, clock component and a random block from the maths section in blocks… Whenever a button is clicked store the button name in the tinydb and along with it the date using clock component. When screen initialize get the values of the tag in which you have store data in tinydb … and compare the date with clock component if it is the same date then the button to be clicked will be same. if is not same then create a random number and the range should be the number of button you have…for example if you have 5 buttons then the range should be from 1 to 5. and depending on the number there should be the character on the button if the number is 1 then character should be on button 1

May i have example aia or image of the block please. I’m new

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