How Can I call Device IMEI in android-10 or avobe versions

Please Help me!
I am facing a problem to getting device IMEI NO.
I used device utility for call IMEI.
But when I install my app in android 10 or avobe. Its show error.
How can I solve this problem?
If any other extension can solve my problem please suggest me.

You can not. On Android 10 and higher devices the application needs this permission:
Which is granted to only apps signed with the platform key and privileged system apps.

So there is no way to get DeviceId, get Imei, get Meid, get SimSerialNumber, get SubscriberId and get Serial


i think this will work ‘get DeviceId’

No it won’t

But i have android 10 and this is working for me, which android you have ?

Plz try this one

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Can you please show your blocks and want any permission?


Using simple blocks that works for android 10 but I don’t know below 10