How can I change a text in my app from my pc

hello how can I change some things in my app from my pc example change the text of a label

Your label text should read its value from a database (tinywebdb, Airtable, Google sheet, Firebase, etc).
So you go and change that value in the database to make the app read it and place it in the label.

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Or use @cedkim solution

Thank you very much friend, a question I have firebase storage but what do I do to put the value from my pc, I don’t know what I should do to read it as I do the value in firebase storage and how do I make the label look for the value that I have put in it .

I never used Firebase, so I don’t know how you update the data in it. I guess you just go and edit the field’s content? Someone else will help you with that soon.
In the app, just read the values and put the value in the label.text block.

it’s not hard just watch this it will help you

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If you are new here, use Airtable Database

You can search for videos about “How to Setup Airtable Database in Kodular”.

Thank you very much, I already did, but could you help me, I get this error in the application: FirebaseError Previous value was empty