How can I change the name of the App from blocks


(Marlon Rodríguez) #1

I am adding Multi-language to my App thanks to an extension that allows me to create something like this.

But I also want to change the name of the App according to the Country … for example in Japan.

Is there any way to change the App Name from blocks with some extension? It’s possible?

(FábioESantos) #2

I don’t think it is possible, because in the blocks you can only control events once the app is running.

(Nathan) #3

Yes @fabioes is correct, to add it will translate the name for you, so don’t worry.

(Pablo A. Rod.) #4

If you find a way I would like to know too.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #5

So where should I make the changes? I have seen that some App changes their name according to the language in which this device is located.



(David Ningthoujam) #6

The user changed the system language?

(Marlon Rodríguez) #7

This is an example. Implement three languages to my App (Spanish, English and Japanese). But the name of the App remains with the same name. I would like that name to change to the respective Japanese, or to the title that I have registered in that region (Example: Neutral Spanish: Huesped Maldito, America: Resident Evil, Japan: Biohazard). Then I want the App to be able to change the name if the user has a language configured. This how would it be done outside of Kodular?

(AjAtif) #8

Como estas Kasu Ka poni dala

(Boban Stojmenovic) #9

It is possible however, you have to change things in the manifest file and some other files as well.

Try this one AppName_New_zipAlign.apk (4.1 MB), currently only 3 languages Swedish, German and English as default…



(Marlon Rodríguez) #10

Haha I just saw you in a thread, about protecting purchases if they use Luckypatcher. :smile:

I already knew that it had to do with the Manifest. But I would like to be able to sign my application with the same key that I use in Kodular. Is there any tool that allows me to do all that complex work?

(Boban Stojmenovic) #11


Ignore the part about package name.

Kodular keystore :point_down:

And finally when you learn to decompile and compile back to apk I will show you what needs to be done to change app name to different languages.


(FábioESantos) #12

APK Easy Tool Portable is very simple to use for that purpose …

(Marlon Rodríguez) #13

@Boban @fabioes Muchas gracias por todo. Happy Saturday.

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