How can I change the value of a key in a dictionary?

I think there is a bug with the dictionary component

If I call the value of a key in a dictionary it returns the value, all right.


Now, I try to change the value for that key, but it does nothing, the value is not changed.


If I try to change the value through Path key it doesn’t work either


The dictionary structure is:

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or if it is a bug?

There’s no bug here. After using the set value for key you aren’t saving the data back to the TinyDB.

I created this simple example and it worked:



Thank you very much for the solution. I thought that the data was automatically saved in the indicated dictionary.

It is a bit complicated to update a data like this, but thank you very much …

It is never a software bug but of your mind

#off-topic did you read my guides as well? Just asking

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