How can I create an app where I can post contents on daily basis for my users?

Please I need a step by step guide or video tutorial on how to create an app where I can update or post contents on daily basis for my users. Please I need a clear guide.

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Hello, Welcome to community.Before asking Questions

  1. please search in forum.
  2. Show what you have tired .
    So kindly please show what you have tried…

Do you mean like this apps StatusApp-3.apk (5.1 MB)
StatusAppAdmin-1.apk (5.6 MB)


Some like this but I have a Telegram group where I post free football betting Tips daily. My subscribers are demanding for app. So I need to make an app where Tips will be posted daily. Thanks

Use an online database to insert your tips.your subscribers read that database to get your tips


Please can I get the AIA file?

search for dynamic book or news app in the community or google or youtube, you will get many projects. i am also making a dynamic which can be used on your ideas… if interested let me know…

Okay thanks… I’m very much interested