How can I create an application that uses the Google search service?

I want to create an app that uses the Google search service, for users to search from the title bar without using a web viewer

Help me to create an extension for that. Or give me a link for the old version of the Google search page for mobiles.

This is not what I want to do

Like the Google Search app

Welcome @alejofermir to the community! I’d recommend using @Mateja search engine extension.


Wow thanks!!!

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Hi @alejofermir Welcome to Kodular Community
If you want to go with web viewer then you can use above mentioned extension but if you want to customize Google search results then I shall suggest you Google Search Api.It returns results in json format which you can show in list view in a customized way.


That’s will be better. You should share the api documentation. That was paid i think?


Yes it is.But it provides 100 queries/day for free.

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