How can i create listview like this?

Please help me guy’s, I am noob about This topic!:woozy_face:, i want to create this type of listview :disappointed_relieved:

Welcome to community ? Listview like … :thinking: Please provide more infos

Check this ss please…

And what have you tried so far ? Post a screenshot of your blocks

Also search the community for leaderboard

Can you give me ss blocks for creating this listview

See an example

How can i connect this with firebase! Mean firebase got value or tag list blocks ss pls

Hello @Md_Junayed

look myp App/ Video WordMind - a game similar to Wordle - only better ;-)

In the video you can see how I implemented the best list with Baserow and costum Listview → including sorting with Baserow ( from minute 1.40)