How can i create multiple dynamic cardviews

how can i create multiple dynamic cardviews

please help me

Just call create Makeroid card view multiple times (as you made in the first time ).And multiple card view will be created
Note : every card view must have different id :wink:

By using this extension.

but i have to create about 200 cardviews

You will need to call them in a for each number loop.Something like that
For each number from 1 to 200 by 1 {
create card view
And 200 card view will be created!
Tip: you can set the id parameter to the number as well!So they become unique.

Also you can set their properties according to the card views.For example.
Set any button text to select list item from list list = mylist, index = number variable

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BTW, a good practice for using dynamic components is to follow the available guides about it :wink:

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This :point_down: is a small part from my own guide in the community Expandable List View which creates multiple cardviews at a time


Replace the size of dictionary block with any number or any logic which give number as an output

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thanks for your help everyone :pray:t2:

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