How Can I create the monthly paid App?

Hello friends at Makeroid Community I real real appreciate this site.

I am from Tanzania I have bachelor of arts in computer science but unfortunately none of my lecturer is capable not only to build or create the app but even how to draw a picture of a game of an App!!! Someone feel sorry for this?

Hello friends at Makeroid Community please I need to create an App which will be for educational especial targeting the A-Level secondary students which I will be able to upload all articles and materials, past papers, examinations, syllabus and etc.

But my intention for creating such app is to make it being paid monthly with some $ 1 only, but for six month will be like $ 5 with a discount and if someone have not paid such money the the App should be loaded with Ads instead of $ 1 the user could have paid but if he/she pays then the ads will be off.

Please friends at Makeroid Community help me how to do this. I mean which of material extensions should I use to be able upload those materials on the App or do I need any or not.

Or should I have something like external database or a website to upload and link them with the App?

Please help me how to do all of that because I am a newbie at this field, I real wonder how shall I be able to set a such monthly payment and to make the App to remember a such payment with its expiration date.

Thanks in advance

Use the “Monetization” - Category to show Ads and use the in-App-Billing Component to make a monthly Subscription.

If you try something with the blocks, I’m sure you can learn more and find a better solution :slight_smile:


But how to use that features. Send me a current video not four or five old videos

Sorry I don’t have the time for that. Search a bit and find it out by your self. You can find all the answers of your questions in this community :slight_smile:


Youtube and Community both have answers to all of your questions. Try a bit.

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