How can i deal with this api code

I tried in every way to get its value, but without any argument

curl --include \ --request POST \ --header "Content-Type: application/json" \ --data-binary "{\"app_id\" : \"xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx\", \"identifier\":\"ce777617da7f548fe7a9ab6febb56cf39fba6d382000c0395666288d961ee566\", \"language\":\"en\", \"timezone\":-28800, \"game_version\":\"1.0\", \"device_os\":\"7.0.4\", \"device_type\":0, \"device_model\":\"iPhone 8,2\", \"tags\":{\"a\":\"1\",\"foo\":\"bar\"}}" \


what do want to extract from this response if you want content and heading value then i have done this yesterday. i will tell you how to do this. but if you ant to retrive value of something else like big picture or icon image of notification then pls mention that and in short make a detailed reply what do you want? how do you want?

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This custom code adds a device to onesignal supposedly after you enter my API key and other information
The result is so

{"success": true, "id": "ffffb794-ba37-11e3-8077-031d62f86ebf" }

i tried that for weeks before ( handle onesignal api ) and i can now say it’s not your mistake … Onesignal Is Blocked in Egypt since September ! , so if you call :


by yourself … or as SDK try to do , you will get Nothing

the Web component can’t reach it without VPN or Proxy in Egypt … and you will not see any error message tell you that.

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