How Can i detect a App is install in 1 Second

I made a app .There i tell users to install this app and you get some points .Now how to detect user install the app in 1 sercond

Allow user to download app, when user click on download show a message “Download started after completion of download click the reward button”
When user click reward button then u check the package names of all apps installed in the phone and match it with the app user downloaded, if the package name match then provide reward or say you didn’t completed the task , also when user download the app take the time when the user clicked on download button and the compare package names with the time

But user can not download and click in reward button .I want to verify

Then how can they download the app??

I am telling that a user click a button (“download” Button ). Then app url is open in play store (Suppose App name “Paytm”) .Now i want to verify if “paytm” app already install , If install user not get any reward . But if paytm app not install , then user install the app .And after install get reward

1.Then i want to make a system to detect paytm app already installed or not ?
2.After install a message show in notifier ("App is install back now ).

How can i do this two steps by any extenintion

Is it legal to list playstore apps in your app and redirect users to play store?? Because you are using their platform in your app

Its will my app .I only tell because for telling you

Please Tell me this answer

Please Reply me anyone help

if it is your own app and it does not redirect to playstore than you may apply idea in the 1st reply and i strongly recommend not to create apps which just list apps and redirect to play store

I think this may be the solution to your question :grinning:


Thanks very much 7starmedia:grin:

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Also this App and video can help you to make more advance level App with reward points:
App Installation Reward Points; Check Video Link :YouTube

First download and test the APK for “App Installation Reward Points”:
Download Link: AppInstallReward.apk - Google Drive

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