How can i download a base64 image?

Try the “Download” and “Web” Components but these require HTTP/HTTPS. Even try to have the WebView force the download but it does not work

I’m trying with this


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Where is the image?
What do you want to do with it/ . (Display/store/share) ?

I want to store the image as any image downloaded from the web

Well if it is base64 is it downloaded as text. Use the Web1 Response function. Then you can store it, and use a base64 convertor to display it.

It is just a text response from your web query.

Take a look at the Cryptography component available under the Storage category. There’s a block to decode base64 hashes.

Can converting image or audio to base64 code compress size means if image size is 2 mb then it’s base64 is below 1 mb or less or same as 2 mb to store

Always bigger. Base64 is about 4/3 times bigger.

Base64 works by packing 3 bytes into 4 bytes. Plus it pads, meaning that if there is a two byte chunk, it will represent it as a 4 bytes.

So an Image of 2megs, if converted would be 2.67 megs.

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Thanks for reply and nice explanation