How can I download the image from my application to the users device

hey maybe this works

api used

unsplash.aia (2.3 KB)

Actually I don’t want to release the app idea now itself because its blocks are so simple that anyone can make the same app and release it to the Play Store before me. The person who creates the app idea deserves to publish it too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Will try it and tell if it works. btw logic looks great and it should work…

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see the image is saved in my internal storage

every time you click the buttton a new image will be generated and will be stored in you internal storage

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so @Syed_Khalid_Mahmood did you tried it ?

It works but the image shown in the app and the image downloaded is totally different. I will mark your answer as correct btw. What about this extension will it work?? [FREE] Extension ComponentToImage

The downloaded image and the image which is visible on the screen are both different. Can you please solve this problem?

Not possible, let me check

No it’s not different see

Why not try it yourself

Thanks a lot. I tried storing the link into a global variable and it worked! Likewise, how can I keep a share option that shares the image file received from Unsplash. Please help.

search on the community you will definitely find the answer

and also see this @Syed_Khalid_Mahmood

I searched it. There’s nothing like that. Is it necessary that the image must be stored into the users phone to share the file?

well, I see Niotron Blocks - _ -

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That doesn’t really matter. Does it? I will switch to Kodular as soon as API 30 update is released. btw Niotron community is not so active…

you can do one thing @Syed_Khalid_Mahmood once the image is downloaded then as i have shown the path of the image on a lable just change the blocks a bit and insert the path in the file parameter in this block


Is it not possible to share the image without downloading it??

thats not on ! niotron related doubts should be asked on niotron community

I dont know that , maybe try something yourself