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(Jerin Jacob) #1

Extension ComponentToImage



  • Using this extension you can convert any view/component to image and save it to storage.
  • The image will be created as per the components same width and height.
  • You can convert Layout, Buttons, Labels …etc
  • Any change on the component, eg: Round corners will also reflect in image
  • Note: The component should be visible
  • I created it as per the request and idea from @Angelo_Angius


  • First one is the label and the second one is the converted image.

2.Methods & Events

► Method: convertToImage


    • component - The component which you want to convert to image.
    • saveAs - Filename, default file path is /storage/emulated/0/

► Event: Created


  • Event raised after image created.
    • filePath - Returns the image file.


com.jerin.s2b.aix (7.8 KB)

Suggest new updates, report bugs and errors and stay tuned…

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(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #2

Really cool extension!! :heart_eyes::clap:

(David Ningthoujam) #3

Nice work. it is a really cool extension :cry::cry::cry:

(Yusuf Cihan) #4

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.
Why I can’t download this extension?

(Jerin Jacob) #5

Sorry, Fixed it.
Thanks for reported.

(Franck G) #6

Very cool ! It can be very useful !
Thanks for all your excellents extensions

(Parhlad Suthar) #7

upload error

(Jerin Jacob) #8

Try to download and upload, I think you are uploading using url.

(walya_express) #9

Cool @Jerin_Jacob

(Sivagiri Visakan) #10

Great work ! Cool extension !! :clap:

(Franck G) #11

Hi @Jerin_Jacob
I use your extension, it’s very useful to me, but I have a problem:
As soon as I try to save my image in a folder, nothing happens.

Like that it works.

But :
that way, nothing happens.

Is there anything I did wrong?

(Nathan) #12

First, create the folder with the file component… Then try again after compiling… Only the 1st image will work, but with the companion. The second should work if the file is already existent.

(Franck G) #13

I will try that :slight_smile:

(Pablo Almeida) #14

This is one of the most useful extensions I found here.
As soon as I my app profitable (it already has people begging for it) I will donate a few bucks.

I would like to suggest just a little upgrade: If the app tries to save in a directory that doesn’t exist, creat it automatically
And / or
If any error occurs when saving a picture (like directory doesn’t exist or no space on storage) it return an error message.

One more time: Congratulations, it’s really an amazing extension!

(Pme) #15

Thanks for this extension.I use it upload user images to cloudinary.Its auto resize images to 450x450 px.Can we change this setting?.

(Pme) #16

Another bug
When ı rotate image component picture and use this extension its get unrotated image.Can you fix it?

I can fix it using layout .Add image inside layout.fix this problem

(Yusuf Cihan) #17

You can rotate image again. You don’t need to wait extension’s new update.

(Pme) #18

Yanlış anladın yusuf.Resim komponentini kullanırken resmi çevirirsem ve bu eklentiyi kullanarak resim oluşturursam eklenti döndürürlmemiş halini veriyor.

If ı rotate image component picture and use this extension for getting component image.Extension result is unrotated image

(Yusuf Cihan) #19

Demek istediğim eklenti döndürülmemiş halini veriyorsa, sen bunu kendin tekrardan döndürebilirsin.

I mean, if the extension converting rotated image to without rotated, you can rotate it back manually.

(Pme) #20

Yusufcum canım benim bende biliyorum bir resmi tekrar döndürebileceğimi.Buradaki olay resmi aldığımdaki yani kullanıcı tarafından çevrilmiş halini kullanmak.Böylece bir daha çevirmeye filan gerek kalmıcak.İlgin için saol.

If you can fix it.It will be great @Jerin_Jacob