CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

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I saw you mentioned me in one of you post.

Sorry for the so late reply actually due some reason i was not in condition to focus on my app but now i am good and i would really say that you have done a excellent work on this extension.

Also I have question is it possible to have New Tab option like google chrome where we have a control on all tabs and can delete a particular Tab.

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Thank you :heart:

Yes you can but only website’s url will be stored not the content so everytime you open that tab webview will reload the page.
Like this one:

Recently I saw DynamicComponents extension by Yusuf and I will have to say that it is amzing and beyond my thoughts.But unfortunately it is unable to create reflection of extensions so you can’t use that with CustomWebView otherwise it was possible to save the state of webview and display when needed.
I am looking for a method to create reflections of extensions but I think it is not possible now so there are very few chances that you will be able to create tab option like Google Chrome.

It’d be possible by changing just a few lines of code. :wink:

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Would you like to share that with us? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, sure! You need to change the base package to that of the extension you want to create. I’ll try to implement this.



I found a extension which create screenshot of any component. It’s kind like a reflection.

Here it’s original post

Even I have used this extension in my browser but it has only 10 tabs. I would have share the link of my app for better understand how i used this extension in successfully creating 10 tabs like Google chrome and also you can take look but, i will not share my app link here.

Thanks you.

Hi @saurav_shaw612

I think you are confused between screenshot and reflection.
With screenshot you can only generate an image of respective component but with reflection you can generate an original component with same properties.

Why only 10 tabs? :thinking:
The guide I shared above can be used to create unlimited tabs.

I am curious to see :sweat_smile:

ChangeLog Version 5

New blocks


  • Added secondaryUrl parameter in LongClicked event
    component_event (17)
    Thanks to @themaayur

I have a good news @drpeterramsis2007 .I have found a way to detect swipe gesture in webview but I am unable to implement that at this time.
Sorry for this…very soon you will see it in the extension :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow … great news … that would be awesome… but when it will be available, i would a version with least usespermissions like the one you made for me…
Waiting for your great extension

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This open source extension might be helpful to you: :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks to you that you added it on request. :relaxed:

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Hey Hi…
I need one help from you guys I made a web view app and want that if someone clicks on my website link and if he had already my app installed in his phone then android should ask him to open with browser or my app or if he already installed my app then after clicking my website link the app should open directly.

I am new to kodular can you please help me with the blocks and all for the same please.
Your help will be appreciated.

blocks (2)
use this component

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Send link of version 5

It’s in the top Post.


that was old version link please send latest version link

This link.

As you can see he has updated the link.


Please add event
sroll up
scroll down

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I think So this can help you.


blocks (3)
but if screen is touched horizontal layout visible then it auto scrolled please ad when scroll up then i will make it visible othr wise invisible