Long click image save in Web view component

I am creating a Browser. For this I want to know " how to get save by long click on image in Webview component.
See the Attachment of example.

I couldn’t make in my app Web view component

you can use download component to save images … @Thuva

There was a long discussion here :point_down: related to long click in browser. And it seems that its not yet possible

Hi @Thuva
Unfortunately that is not possible currently.
But I have something for you:

Extension has not been released so there can be bugs.


I am looking for something like this too, but it looks like there is nothing to do that right now and I didn’t see any signal of plans to implement that.

I would really love a way to do that, it would be useful not only to save image but to add new different functions at web browsers or other apps that use webview.

Edit: I wrote the comment above but didn’t send it before test the extension mr Sunny posted.

It is a little confusing but it seems to work.
I have no idea what the type variable of the long clicked event is returning, probably it is related to the format of the media / file / url long clicked, but I couldn’t really understand since it looks to be only numbers.

@vknow360 thanks very much for your link. You have no idea on how much it will help.
The licens say “Sunny GuptaPermission” so I can assume you are the creator, right?


Hi @almeidapablo
Glad you liked it :heart_eyes:

Ya it it very much confusing.
But Google docs say that:
item : it returns clicked object.it can be an image,URL or sometimes nothing.
type : it returns item type like 8 for image and 7 for URL.

I will describe everything in detail when the extension will be released.

Yes you right :innocent:
I am working on extension for weeks.And very soon it will be released.
Another good thing of extension is that it will be open source :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t find that anywhere. Or do you mean in general and not specifically for your extension?

I can only thank you for your work, man, really, but as soon as Admob pay I will remember you and make a small contribution to you. People like you diserve all the acknowledgment they can get, specially at hard times like this…
This will really help very much at my project. I even tried to hire someone to do an extension, but couldn’t find it.

If you need any help with testing you can call me and I will do whatever you need.
So far the only thing a little strange, I can’t even say it is a bug, may be it is just meant to be like that WebviewArrangement option at designer tab only list vertical arrangements.


I mean docs for webview.Here:

And this one for long click event:



Ya that accepts only Vertical Arrangement because most of the users use web viewer inside an vertical arrangement so I added only vertical arrangement option.
But it is not necessary to use vertical arrangement and in fact you can use any arrangement with CreateWebview method in blocks (it will be added)