How to download images from a webviewer like regular browser?

Hi, everyone,
I am breaking my head trying to figure out a way to do this, I made some search but I could find nothing.
Is there any way, using kodular native components or extensios, do allow users to download images from the website they are accessing by long clicking the picture or something close to this?

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The only way I could imagine to give this possibility to users is by scanning the source-code of the webpage looking for .jpg, .png, .jpeg files and others image formats, or by looking for the stretch
“<img src” which is the html tag used to show images at the website and show this images with the download button for the users.

The problem is, if I do that there will be probably douzens of pictures like logo, social networks images, icons etc that will be shown and will only make more difficult for the user…

If someone have a better idea I will be veeeery grateful

You could try to open the real web browser. You could also enable experimental stuff and try out that custom tab component thing. Why would your users want this?

With all the respect, a browser made with Kodular is not less real browser than any browser created with android studio or anyother tool.

There are great browsers and others apps created with kodular that are just as good as their competitors made by professional programmers.

That said, I think there is not sense the user download my browser and have to open Google Chrome only to be able to save an image. And even if I wanted to do that, how can I even know if the user is interested in downloading a picture of the website he is accessing trough my browser?

Which experimental stuff are you talking about? I could find nothing.

If I use chrome web tabs in a general app there is no problem, but in a browser app it makes no sense.

Why my users want this? Well I think anyone surfing at the internet will eventually want to download some content from the website they are accessING… You never did it?

At playstore page of the browser the reviews with negative feedback mention this a few times.

Edit: There is now a webviewer extension that allow us to do it and many things more that webviewer component doesn’t:

Sorry about the “real” part. I knew that but couldn’t think of a word.
What does your app do? Is it a browser app, or is the WebViewer just content of your app? If it’s a browser, that would make sense. Are you displaying a media site or something in your app?

To turn on experimental stuff, open your project in Kodular. Click on the profile button at the upper right. Click on “Settings”.
There should be an option under “Editor” that says “Show experimental components and properties”. Turn it on. You might need to refresh.
Then there should be a component category in between “Lego MINDSTORMS” and “Extensions” called “Experimental”. “Custom Tabs” will be under there.
It took me a bit to find this. I haven’t used the Custom Tabs component yet, but it might work.

It is a browser app with about 40k downloads and 20k active users.
Chrome web tab isn’t a viable option. If it is used all the advantages of the app are lost since there is almost no ways to integrate chrome web tabs with the app. It is excellent option for others apps but to a browser app no.

The experimental components are active already. I thought you were talking about something different.

as far it dosnt have right click option you cant, only a button type option can give you download option with help of Download component.

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The problem is, how can the user choose what image he will download?

its upon you which image link you give them to download

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The app is a browser like Google Chrome, the user is the one who will decide what to download at any website he is using at the moment.

not possible with webviewer component, because you cant use long click to show options for web.

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Well, I know there is not a block to do it using webviewer component but if I just accept it and give up this will never give up.
For example, it was not possible to download files using a webviewer a long time ago. Today there are tons of ways to do it at any builder. Using extensions, native components, etc. The same goes to clean and set cookies, etc etc

Anyways, if nobody comes up with an idea I sill suggest it to kodular staff. They already implemented most of my suggestions, I believe they are probably capable to do it too.

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