How to Time Stamp (Current time and date ) on image?

than how can i take that image and upload to firebase storage

Use the camera component?

@Kodular I think any admin should disable “allow uppercase posts” in settings :grimacing:

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ok thank for information i try now . And whether it is possible in canvas also

Just try it. And if you need more help and you want that other people can help you it would be good if you show then your blocks or else that people know what you did.

hey is any extension available for timestamp, it will make task easy.Did you have any idea about extension reguarding to timestamp on image i searching for it thank you

Use the clock component. There is no need to use any extension

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We changed a setting. :+1:


hai Mika and hai everyone, I maked timestamp on photo what you said but i getting problem on uploading image along with time stamp in firebase storage could you help me please


They is no timestamp on uploaded image in firebase

zoomin image in firrebase storage

NO Time stamp only photo was uploaded

How can i slove this problem :slightly_frowning_face:

Use Image Editor and add timestamp to desired location on image.

Use this extension to convert you component the horizontal/vertical arrangement to image

And then upload that image to database

Extension :- [FREE] Extension ComponentToImage

I think this should work 100%
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sorry i didn’t get what you say clearly, yes image editor component is there than how can I time stamp onit and upload to firebase storage please if you can explain elborate thankyou

Thank you very much iam just trying this extension now .I will definitly post review of this extension

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If you got you Solution mark the relevant answer as :white_check_mark: :grinning:

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ok sure i didn’t get relevant answer yet please help me if you can

by using this extension how did i get time stamp on output image could you explain in blocks please :bowing_man:

It’s so simple just place your label with on your horizontal/vertical arrangement

Then use component screenshot of this extension

It’s very easy you can also find working as of this extension in the link I given you

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