Fake Teletext system

I made this after reading this topic


I looked at the Dutch Teletext system and decided to make my own fake teletext or teletekst app as it is called in the Netherlands.

You can make a screenshot and share it with friends and foes. :crazy_face:

This is a sample of how the teletext system looks in the Netherlands.

Used colors:

Used blocks:

Design i made:

I used empty labels as spacers and yellow bars.

I added the screenshot component and the share component.

In the end this is the result. I tested it only with the companion but i guess you will have to set a permission for writing to your memory.

You could use this extension to make the generated image look even better, now i am taking just a screenshot.

You could make one for your own teletext system.

Here you can find the fonts:

The fontresizeprocedure has the number 411 inside. That is my screenwidth, so you have to put your own there. This way the screen has the same look in multiple phones.


I can tell you, Peter, that the app from which you took inspiration is really fantastic …:gioia::gioia::gioia:

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I know this topic is old, but can you tell me what is the use of teletext?

see here https://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+the+use+of+teletext



Have you watched tv :sweat_smile:

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Hehe…I ofc have watched, but never heard of that. Maybe that’s because I live in Asia? Or I am not old enough?

@Taifun thanks for the information :+1:

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