Profile Generator Extension

what is mean support animation?

no not support

How to save file ?

now it is not possible to save file with this extension

you can use save component as file extension search in community

This may help you

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thanks , good idea

Are there some example blocks that show how this extension works?

Please explain what these Properties are for if they have no function / effect.

because this doesn’t work:


@bodymindpower Same problem here. I tried the blocks but nothing works. The developer should provide example blocks.

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Yes, but I have already shown example blocks.

@Preet_Vadaliya should explain something about the the need / functions of the Properties in the Designer.

i was asking about the blocks which he used to create his example app. i mean the image he showed

Try something like this:

I think the problem is with the font size 18
see the images

when i change the fontsize it works

@bodymindpower I have double checked with other views ( Circle and Rectangle ) the problem is with the Font Size 18 ( I may be wrong)

Not only, it only works with the Designer Properties if all 3 of the following points apply together:


but no problem if you set these in the blocks.

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Thank you for your support this was my second extension so on that time i have not more idea about app inventor extension.
i uploaded blocks and sample aia file for user

thanks for your support

As I said you have to set this in the blocks or you must change these values in the Designer:


Btw, I would like to see the Java code to find out the cause of this problem.

@bodymindpower Glad that I was right. :blush: :blush: :blush: