[FREE] Capture widget images

This extension allows you to take a screenshot of any widget component.


  • The component is any widget.

  • The path is where the file will be saved and under what name, for example “/INTERNAL_STORAGE/screenshots/file.png”
    If the file extension is not added, it will be added automatically depending on the image format.

  • The format is one of the following (JPEG, PNG or WEBP), the formats provided by the extension must be used.

  • Image quality ranges from 0 to 100

  • The “GetFormatFor” block transforms a character string, for example “PNG” into a format supported by the extension. The format blocks given by the extension can be used directly as a format in the “SaveComponentImage” block.



please attach screenshot for your extension and provide a AIA

thank you

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Similar to this extension

Different approach… Keep coding… Good extension.

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Nice extension :+1: There are a few things/suggestion to be noted:

  • You need to change the event name onChange to just Change.

  • The extension should not just append /storage/emulated/0/<FOLDER/NAME>.png to the path instead keep it the same.

No this Extension works with list extension.
You can convert any list Item to JPEG

Can you show me blocks how can use this extension i tested but image not saving.

Can you show me which type of list this extension support and save?

A test project was added

Thanks for the suggestions, they were taken into account for the new version.

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Yes, what happens is that this extension has not yet been published but when it is published I will share more information about it.

Cool. This extension was created to be able to capture items from the RecyclerView project in which I work.