[Free/OS] Gradient Drawable Extension || Create beautiful background with Gradient Drawable

Gradient Drawable

Hello everyone Today I am again launching my new extension that is Gradient Drawable this extension is totally bases on Gradient Drawable that is why I have named it Gradient Drawable. This extension creates beautiful background with many feature So without wasting any time let’s see some bocks and their documentation

All Blocks


component_event (12)

This event raises when drawable created

component_method (23)

This block creates the drawable with given id and background color

component_method (24)

This blocks set the background color of drawable with a list of color

component_method (25)

This block set the created drawable to any component’s(visible) background

component_method (26)

This block set the corner radius of the drawable with a given list of four corners

component_method (27)

This block set the orientation of the color of drawable with given orientation by properties

component_method (28)

This block set the shape of drawable by properties there are two shapes :- Rectangle or Circle

component_method (29)

This block set the stroke color of drawable with id


These are properties for giving shape in drawable


These are all orientation property that gives the orientation of color in drawable

Usage Example



Open Source


Thank always Kodular for being with myself
Suggestion and issue are welcome

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Thank You All


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Nice extension.


can this create circle image?

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Beautiful Extension Thanks For Your Contribution

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@Shatrudhn_Kumar There is already a extension for circular image view and this extension creates background not images

Can we change background of card view to gradients with this extension ?

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Very nice extension:v:
I will use it like I have mentioned in this post, thanks

Superb extension… Most valuable one…

I have tried your extension and the circle shape seems not to be circle:sweat_smile:


(the black component is a circle card view)

This happens because the circle is not being set as a background of cardview. The function set drawable sets the background of the Linear Layout ( a container which holds card view ) and not the actual cardview.

@alessandropanzieri what is your card height and width

How can I solve it? :thinking:

I set them to “Automatic”

Try to set them equal with pixel for ex.200px by 200px

Yes now works and the circle shape is actually circle:slightly_smiling_face:
But the card view is not circle even if height and width are set both to 200px, but this is another issue and I will open another topic for this:+1:

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Nice extension

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how to use?

The documentation of all block is provided in the topic above. And also, there is a usage example is given that tells you how to use it on a vertical arrangement. Please read the topic first so you can understand the extension better.


not changing color of component?

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