Please guide me about overlay image with specific corner

is it possible for kodular create overlay image with specific corner, like this image


which extension to create it?

i think i must describe it:

  • opacity image to background
  • rounded corner shape in specific corner

Try this extension

With opacity 75%

Opacity 100 And corner radius

Sorry, it does not work at my screen, what’s going wrong with my block.

would you like to give me your sample code

Opacity is from 0 - 1, 0,5=50% or 1=100%

Btw i can see your picture… just pink background.

hmm i do not know, become pink. may be this my bad… wrong in the block code. i think it is not work for me because my bad or my fault.

would you like to share your .aia for me

MakeViewUp.ais (2.4 KB)
Import ais to your sample project

my screen can not import your screen…

Makeviewup.aia (407.3 KB)

thank you very much

The link extension different version[quote=“sugarlesscreator, post:2, topic:133832, full:true”]
Try this extension
[/quote] with your aia version.

for example your aia extension setbackground image

in this link version i can not find this block set background image

can you share the updated link?

i try to download mirror site but in download site file http://aixbazar,xyz/xxxx/ is not exist

I do not know. I also downloaded from the same post, but I downloaded it on March 6, 2021,

maybe the developer has updated the latest version of the extension with some block reductions and bug fixes. better ask the developer directly.

I am not sure but can you try this extension. I think this can be done with this.
Take an image inside the arrangement then convert it’s shape to Round View with the extension and then set the corner radius according to need.

i’m not sure… but it was hard i try to follow your documentation

but seems unsuccess.

Create a Rectangular view by a vertical or horizontal arrangement then set it corner radius through Set Corner Radius.


I spent my 3 hours for making that topic with my best defined documentation. I think it is not such difficult to use as I think I already described the best.


actually, it is caused my fault … it is hard … if you have aia file sample, it will help me

FYI i have required needs:
i think i must describe it:

  • opacity image to background (??)
  • rounded corner shape in specific corner (checked to your extensions)

oh no double post… i think i quote user reply… actually i reply my own … how to quote my top reply.

My notifications are working fine so if you will post once then I will get notified, don’t need to post twice.

We can’t say anything hard at least until we tried it. So if you’re saying it difficult then I hope you tried it. Show me what you have tried and where you got stucked. If you haven’t tried anything yet then there is nothing to say about your problem. You need readymade aia file but don’t want to try it yourself.

You need to fulfill your needs yourself. We are here for help not for providing you your exactly work.

You can edit your image in an image editor app if you’re using only selected images. You don’t need to do this in app.

I have already answered this in above post. Please read closely and try it once yourself instead of wanting aia.