How can I fix " Wrong number for Bounce vertical" whenever I start my app?

Hi Geniuses, I’m a beginner on Kodular. The issue I’m facing now is that. Whenever my app’s first screen initializes, A pop-up dialogue appears, stating: WRONG NUMBER FOR BOUNCE VERTICAL…Pls, how can I fix this?.. help with ur suggestions…I’m to submit this app for a project in school!!:pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Please provide a screenshot of the Screen1.Initialize event
Are there any red warnings in your blocks?

Wrong number of arguements - fill all the sockets and show your result.

Sorry…pls make me understand what u mean by “filling ll sockets and showing my results”!!:pray::pray:

Hi Taifun,
Thanks for the feedback!!
That’s the exact screenshot for my first screen after it initializes but there are no red warnings.Kodular%20community

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do u think there might be issues with my vertical arrangement??

It is NOT the open another screen event. Please provide the right screenshot of your blocks.
Search for events like this (change Screen1 to your screen name).


Each block has some sockets and these sockets need arguments to work correctly.


I guess you have not filled on of them as showing above.